The 8 Steps to Getting Your Dream Internship

The 8 Steps to Getting Your Dream Internship (170 Pages)


Why we wrote an E-book:

We believe there is a serious misconception students have about college internships:

“You have to be a 4.0 student from an Ivy League college to get the attention of the recruiter at your dream company.”

Companies such as Google get thousands of applications to their internship program.

And frankly, it is often the case that recruiters overlook the most passionate and driven students in their recruitment process–the students who have dreamed of interning at the company and knew if they just had that one opportunity they could begin a career that could lead them to change the world.

But sadly, recruiters very often overlook the most deserving candidates.  This book is meant for those candidates.

This guide is meant to systematically prepare you to be the most compelling and attractive candidate to your dream company. It contains a portfolio of tools to help you succeed in interviews, examples from our applications to companies such as Google and Microsoft, and extremely practical tips that can transform the way you think and approach internship applications.

Ronald and I started college with zero knowledge of the internship world. We didn’t go to Ivy League schools ( though we know many great people at them who were helpful along the way) nor did we come from families who had connections to the top companies.  Collectively, we spent hundreds of hours talking to people, researching strategies, and frankly, failing in the process to put together this all encompassing guide to listing the steps that it takes to presenting the best application possible to virtually any internship program.

What I Hope It Can Achieve:

Our hope is that after reading this guide, you will have the knowledge and tools you need to get your dream internshipBecause honestly, it only takes one internship to change your life. I (David), interned at Google as a sophomore and it completely changed the trajectory of my college experience. A great friend who also interned at Google and I agreed that the single greatest takeaway of the (Google) internship was how disruptive it was for our career trajectory.  One summer skyrocketed what we believed we could do in our lifetime—and we want the same for you.
This guide was specifically written for you.

Why Are We Charging?

Anyone that has ever met me knows that I really don’t care about money.
In fact, my friends and family (especially my brothers) make fun of me all the time for how careless I am with my material possessions.  I started Empowering Undergrads to help students. And that will never change. But for me to grow that vision there are costs I need to take care of. Things such as running the site, paying for hosting, yearly subscriptions to the domain, creating beautiful designs that makes the site look better and easier for you to read. (Shit like that.)
The mission of Empowering Undergrads was and always will be to improve the experiences of young students.

*If money is an issue…

My mantra when it comes to money is simple: never let it stop you. If for some reason you don’t have the money necessary to pay for the e-book, shoot me an email at We can work something out.

Oh and for those still wondering what the hell makes us qualified to write a guide…here’s a (superficial) bio:

David’s Bio:

• English teacher in Beijing (Freshmen)
• Intern at Google in Mountain View, California (Sophomore)
• Economic Research in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Junior)
• Intern at the White House (Senior)
• Intern at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington (Senior)

Ronald’s Bio:

• Applied to over 240 internships
• Interned at a think tank (8 in 1300)
• Interned at DraftFCB, Oreos Account
• College applications counselor (150+ yearly)

• Former startup mentor at a Venture Capital Group
• Current IBM Consultant

After reading this 170 page internship guide, we are confident that you will have the tools, knowledge, and mindset ready to get your dream internship. Some things we cover:

• The single most damaging mistake 1/3 of applicants make when applying.
• How to practice & know the answer to every interview question before the interviewer even finishes asking
• How to write the best cover letter you’ve written in under 20 minutes.
• Examples of the best resume’s we’ve found over the past four years and how to make yours better.

The sections of this guide include:

Preface: Introduction
Chapter 1: Resumes
Chapter 2: Cover Letter
Chapter 3: Networking
Chapter 4: Building an Online Presence
Chapter 5: Finding Jobs
Chapter 6: Online Applications
Chapter 7: Crushing Interviews
Chapter 8: Pre-Nights
Bonus Chapter: Secrets for Internationals
Conclusion: How David and Ron Can Help You




Without David, I would not have had the confidence needed to land the best internship I will ever have. When I wanted to apply to Google’s internship program, all I had read were things about ivy-leaguers doing this and that to make them stand out even more. I didn’t think I stood a chance. When I told David how I was feeling about applying , he told me that was my first mistake. With the help of David’s tips, evaluation techniques, and self-motivation, I was able to craft a compelling story about myself, highlighting my uniqueness and qualification. I firmly believe that I would not have been able to do without David’s help. Going through the material he provided enabled me to think abstractly about myself and focus on what was truly important. I am eternally grateful for the confidence the experience instilled in me, it is something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. If you want to have the same experience as myself, buy this book.

- Kevin Rothman, University of Illinois

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